What SCOPEWISE can do

We start at the very beginning. Exactly when the costs are most controllable.

Our rule-based expert system guides large builders and project developers and their representatives like architects and engineers step by step to a complete project order with just a few questions. Our system enabels a more precise cost forecast for projects in building an industrial construction, already in the service phase zero / needs analysis. With our knowledge-based building templates as add-ons, you can insert complete buildings with just a few details and adapt them to your needs. You can obtain the building tempaltes from us or create your own individual templates with us. 

How SCOPEWISE supports

with knowledge-based & generated building templates
as master data provider
by comparing key figures
Fast and secure to the complete project order
higher project turnover with lower capacities

How SCOPEWISE achieves this


  • Simple and fast client management

    You can add projcet participants to the different projects yourself very quickly and easily.
    In planning: Appropriate distribution of rights allows you to be individually assigned read and write rights in the future. So you decide who can read or edit what. 

  • Guided Requirements Configuration

    With the help of just a few questions, we configure for a complete building and accompany you step by step to your complete project order. 

  • Fast cost forecast

    On the basis of a dynamic supporting price catalog and inventory data, we enable quick cost indication and project comparisons.

  • Automated results reporting

    With our automated result reporting, you receive the reports that you really need, compiled individually in the various project phases.

  • Access to building tempaltes

    Use our building templates with industry-specific knowledge and rule-based parameters. Our add-ons support you in your decisions.

Our promise

experience-based-customizeable - fast and safe

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