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Our team

The founders are a well-rehearsed and experienced team from engineering and computer science.
Max Boehler
Architect, Co-Founder
20 y. work experience
15 major projects / 270,0 mil. €
tendering 2,1 Mrd. €
construction, construction management,
  design coordination, calculation, process planning, digitalisation, executive management, national and international 
„As a generalist, I want to help ensure that projects don´t always start from scratch!“ 
Adrian Feyhl
Engineer, Co-Founder

10 y. work experience

20 projects / >15 mil. €


project management,

heat, sanitary, HVAC, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration systems and clean room production

DGNB auditor,

development of energy concepts


"As an engineer, it is important to me to develop sustainable solutions for our customers!"

Peter Gross
Engineer, Co-Founder

25 y. work experience

50 projects / 80 mil. €


planning & realization,

building technology and -automation, requirements management, team leadership


„As an engineer, I would like to optimize planning processes through clear requirements so that projcets can be implemented faster!“



Christian Winterhalder
IT scientist, Co-Founder

30 y. work experience

20 projects / 20,0 mil. €


product development, portfolio/requirements architecture management, IT consulting & development, executive management


„As a consultant and optimizer, I would like to develop intelligent and intuitive construction IT with outstanding business benefits!“

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