The web application for time-saving and low-risk project planning of construction projects!

We make construction projects reliably plannable!

Are you a construction client, project developer or a representative of a construction client such as an architect, project manager or specialist planner?

Even at the start of the project, the costs should be planned as reliably as possible. With our web application as a Saas (Software as a Service) solution, you have exactly the right tool to completely define your requirements for your construction project and to be able to reliably create a solid cost forecast.

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  • Incomplete project orders

  • Budget overruns

"We have to guarantee the quality and completeness of the requirements, but we don´t always succeed and then it gets expensive"
Commercial Managing Director, Public Sector

Staff turnover

  • Knowledge is lost

  • Knowledge migrates

"Employees who retire often take valuable knowledge with them. The training of new colleagues is tedious and time-consuming for us"
Project Manager Planner Industrial Construction

Process blur

  • No standardized processes

  • Little capacity for IT projects

"It feels like you always start from scratch in the preliminary planning phase and time is always pressing"
Project Manager Public Transport

Our Position

Requirements, costs and deadlines can be most strongly influenced at the beginning of a property´s life cycle. Our expert system helps to tackle these requirements systematically and efficiently!

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